Visa on arrival for Indian citizens

30 Countries that offer Visa on Arrival to Indians (Infographic)

Obtaining a visa to visit your dream destination is perhaps the most stressful part of planning a  trip overseas. However, there are more than 50 countries that offer visa on arrival. We present 30 such countries that you can fly to without getting a visa beforehand. Just make sure you meet all the mandatory regulations…


Top 10 Must Visit Monsoon Places in India (Infographic)

Monsoon in India leaves everything lush green. Monsoon rains offer the much needed respite from the dust and grime of hot sweaty months. Check the infographic below to find out the top places to visit in monsoon.  


101 Things to do in India

For a large country like India 101 things to do may sound like tip of the iceberg. And they are! Given the scale and diversity that the country is blessed with. There could be thousands of things. Right from checking out places of interest, to marvelling at historic forts and palaces, to observing cultural…


Top 10 Travel Experiences that Define the Real India

India is all about experiences and if you have not lived, observed or soaked in the unique experiences that India has to offer, well then you have not ‘seen’ India.  The Taj Mahal is obviously the  one and the most popular but it is what almost every traveler to India knows…

Bulund Darwaza Fatehpur Sikri

Making Sense of The Golden Triangle Tour

Perhaps no tour to India is complete without doing the legendary Golden Triangle. And the reasons are not hard to find. For the Golden Triangle Tour covers three iconic cities that in a way define tourism in India. This, for many may sound an over statement keeping in view the diversity and…