flight delay

Fog, snow delay flights; here is what you can do

Flight delay and cancellation is a common occurrence in winter. No matter what but a passenger has little control over weather-related flight cancellations. While you may not able to avoid the hassles that come with a delayed or cancelled flight completely but with little planning and ingenuity you can find…

top US museums

Top 10 Museums in the US that Travelers are Raving About

If traveler reviews are any indication of popularity, then you must take time out to visit these top 10 museums in the United States. A recent TripAdvisor ranking has listed the best museums in the United States on the basis of quality and quantity of reviews. A visit to these…

cheap flight tickets

Top 10 Tips for Booking Cheap Flight Tickets

Most of us want to save some quick bucks when it comes to booking our flight tickets, no matter what. But saving money on airline tickets require some good tips and a bit of luck as well. There is so much hoopla about the best day to book your tickets…

long haul flights

How to make long haul flights a comfortable affair?

Long distance flights no matter how frequently one travels are always a bit uncomfortable. Jet lag is obviously the most common side effect.  And since majority of travelers fly economy, cramped legs, a stiff neck and lack of sleep are other common ills that come with long haul flights. Especially flying across the Atlantic or Pacific…

travelqube travel tips

10 Ingenious Travel Tips You Don’t Know About

There is no dearth of travel tips on the Internet. A Google search for the term – travel tips – throws 50,20,00,000 results. And most of the tips are common with only a few variation. They range from packing tips, how to save money on your flights and hotels to how…

LA famous beaches

5 Famous Beach Hot Spots in LA

No wonder Los Angeles or LA as it is fondly called is among the most popular tourist destinations in the US. Americans from all over the country and travelers from rest of the world not only enjoy visiting LA for its fantastic cityscape and beautiful skyline but also make a…

washington dc

10 Best Places to Celebrate July the Fourth

Fourth July is an iconic day in the history of America. It is a day of celebration, family holiday, backyard barbecues, family reunions, parades, and for some it is about pizzazz and then some more pizzaz.  However, if you are a traveler type, America has cities that make for best places…


Top 10 Beach Vacation Spots for the Budget Traveler

A beach vacation should not necessarily be expensive. After all expensive not always mean having a good time. There are plenty of affordable beach vacation spots around the world, which offer as much fun as any other beach preferred by the rich and famous, and that too without burning a hole…

travel audiobooks

Top 5 Audiobooks to Carry on a Road Trip

A road trip makes for a great vacation. It excites the traveler in us and provides ample opportunities to pursue our passions.  While we do not forget to pack the puzzles, loading 10,000 songs on the iPod, or carrying ten different types of sandwiches, often we do not pay much attention to audiobooks.  But…


Learn These Three Words Before you Travel Overseas

You may never have thought how learning three simple words in foreign language could make your travels  across the world a breeze. It is fun and a great way to connect with locals. It could help you save a penny at the local market or can get you out of a tight situation….