How to make long haul flights a comfortable affair?

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Long distance flights no matter how frequently one travels are always a bit uncomfortable. Jet lag is obviously the most common side effect.  And since majority of travelers fly economy, cramped legs, a stiff neck and lack of sleep are other common ills that come with long haul flights. Especially flying across the Atlantic or Pacific could be uncomfortable and tiresome. However, with little planning and ingenuity a smart traveler can minimise the pains that come with long haul flights.

Choosing the right seat
Most airlines these days let you select the seat of your choice with or without a fee. And the most common choice is the window seat. No wonder, you get remarkable views but think of disturbing not one but two fellow passengers on your way to lavatory. An aisle seat in comparison gives you a free run to lavatory and much needed space to stretch your legs. You can also go for seats near the emergency exit and the bulkhead seats for more leg room. However, be cautious when going for bulkhead seats as they are often used by passengers with babies.

long haul  flights

Packing the right stuff
It is always better to pack all utility items in your hand luggage or carry on luggage. As at times there are chances of misplacement of checked in luggage.

  • Though many airlines provide good  in-flight entertainment , there is no harm in carrying a good book, magazine and iPod.
  • Pain reliever, travel sickness pills and any other medication advised to you should be in your carry on luggage.
  • Cabin air is dry and devoid of moisture. It is good to carry a lip balm and a small bottle of moisturizer.
  • Pack you travel documents (passport, tickets, medication slips…etc) in your carry on luggage.
  • An Eye Mask is a  must for a good sleep. It is of great use especially when the lights are on.
  • A pair of extra clothes can come handy in case your  checked-in baggage is lost.
  • Inflatable cushions can help keep your neck in good health.

Wearing right clothes 
It is always advisable to wear something light and comfortable. If possible go for loose clothes and a pair of footwear that is easy put on and remove.

Once on the plane, apply these tips
The initial excitement fizzles out as soon as you finish your fist in-flight meal. To make yourself comfortable and enjoy the flight, try the following:

  • Keep yourself hydrated, drink plenty of water at regular intervals.
  • Keep yourself occupied, watch movies, play games, listen to music, read if you can…
  • Do not sit at a stretch for long hours, take a walk down the aisle every now and then.
  • Use cotton balls or ear plugs to avoid ringing of the ears.




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