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Top 5 Audiobooks to Carry on a Road Trip

A road trip makes for a great vacation. It excites the traveler in us and provides ample opportunities to pursue our passions.  While we do not forget to pack the puzzles, loading 10,000 songs on the iPod, or carrying ten different types of sandwiches, often we do not pay much attention to audiobooks.  But…


Learn These Three Words Before you Travel Overseas

You may never have thought how learning three simple words in foreign language could make your travels  across the world a breeze. It is fun and a great way to connect with locals. It could help you save a penny at the local market or can get you out of a tight situation….


101 Things to do in India

For a large country like India 101 things to do may sound like tip of the iceberg. And they are! Given the scale and diversity that the country is blessed with. There could be thousands of things. Right from checking out places of interest, to marvelling at historic forts and palaces, to observing cultural…

Redfish Lake

5 Amazing Lakes in US for Summer Vacation

Come summer vacations and the hunt for a perfect holiday spot begins. If you are looking for a fun-filled vacation in the lap of nature, choose from the many amazing lakes. These water beauties offer a great range of fun activities. There are wonderful places to stay and camp, and some…


7 Common Mistakes That Most Travelers Make

It is truth universally acknowledged that most travelers commit mistakes. Some do it once and learn. Others repeat and try not to commit it a third time. But at times they fail.   Here are 7 common travel mistakes that most travelers make: 1. Overpacking Agree or disagree but the fact is most of  us so…


10 Easy Tips to Beat Jet Lag

No matter how hard one may try, negating jet lag is not entirely possible. However, there are easy tips to beat jet lag and lessen the ‘pains’ that comes with air travel.  Jet lag in general means disturbance in biological clock, which controls our wake up and sleep time. And a distressed biological clock at times manifests…

The Louvre Glass Pyramid

20 Great Ideas for Your Travel Bucket List

Almost all seasoned travelers keep a travel bucket list. It not only keeps them focused but is of immense help when it comes to thinking of their next travel. Planning is a very critical aspect of realizing your travel dreams. For, there are more places to see in the world then we have…


Top 10 Travel Experiences that Define the Real India

India is all about experiences and if you have not lived, observed or soaked in the unique experiences that India has to offer, well then you have not ‘seen’ India.  The Taj Mahal is obviously the  one and the most popular but it is what almost every traveler to India knows…

Bulund Darwaza Fatehpur Sikri

Making Sense of The Golden Triangle Tour

Perhaps no tour to India is complete without doing the legendary Golden Triangle. And the reasons are not hard to find. For the Golden Triangle Tour covers three iconic cities that in a way define tourism in India. This, for many may sound an over statement keeping in view the diversity and…


Sculpted by Nature: America’s 5 Amazing Rock Formations

It takes Nature millions of years to craft a master piece and us less than a second to get awed by it.  America’s wide and varied landscape is home to some of the terrific rock formations that can take your breath away.  Nature does it with ease and such impeccability that violent…